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Digital Image Manipulation

Need a custom sign, banner, collage, or photo mashup? Do you need your pictures resized, re-oriented, or cropped? Would you like to add or remove people from a photo? Would you like to have a collage of many different photos? I can do custom digital image manipulation to output any type of image in any format you need.

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Tech Support

  • I can diagnose your tech problem

    Whether it's a desktop computer, laptop computer, tablet, phone, smart TV, media device, smart watch, or other device, I can help you find out what is going wrong.

  • I can fix your tech problem

    After diagnosing the problem, I can help you find solutions. It might be as simple as a software configuration problem. When we are done, you will have your tech up and running again.

  • Prepaid support plans

    Local tech support is billed at an hourly rate but, I offer pre-paid support packages which make it easier to budget for the support services you need. Purchasing tech support time in advance gives you a priority spot on the calendar and makes it easier to get help quickly.

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Wooden Garden Windmills

Wooden Garden Windmills

Besides computers and tech, I also enjoy woodworking. I have a small CNC cutting machine, and woodshop that I use to create custom art from wood. The most popular item I make are the decorative garden windmills. I also create other one-of-a-kind custom art in my woodshop. Check the web site below for more pics and links to purchase.